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Our Main Packages under the Solar Charging Ports  Installations are

  • Solar Charging Ports/Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Solar Charging Ports / Power Banks for Rural Are

The use and acceptance of Electric Cars is set to be the next new ‘Big-Thing’ of the immediate future. With whole countries making policies to phase out the traditional petrol cars in the next few years, there is no gain saying the fact that Electric Car Charging Ports will soon awash our world. This is not bad though, as there is much to gain in this for us, the inhabitants of the earth, for there will be less pollution in our world.


There is a perfect and strong synergy between Solar energy System and Car Charging Stations especially when these Charging Stations are made as Car Parks (especially Electric Car Parks). With this, the Car parks can serve two purposes; users will be able to park as well as charge their cars while engaging in other activity like shopping and other similar things, while the Solar Panels on top of such parks will generate the electricity needed in these systems.

Super Markets and Departmental Stores can benefit greatly from this kind of arrangements as this will open up a stream of additional income for them.  Individual Homeowners can also benefit greatly by turning/ building their Car garages with Solar panels mounted on the roof while a charging port is provided in the garage to charge their electric cars when not in used.


In rural areas far away from National Grids, Solar Charging port can also be built for people in the community to charge the portable mobile devices like Telephones, laptop computers, tablets and others for a small services fee  for the System owner.

Below are the two main Package Types we have for this System.

Project Details

This is a photovoltaic system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure

Roof Top Installation Packages - Types

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