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Our Corporate Identity

BrightStar Solar Global is renewable energy subsidiary of Zenith Guild Enterprises Nigeria Limited.

We aim to help with sustainable electricity generation in Nigeria and other sub- Saharan Africa countries through the use of renewable energy resources particularly solar energy photovoltaic and in time Biomass. BrightStar Solar Global was set up as means of helping to execute this vision.

BrightStar Solar Installation is the Unit of Brightstar solar global Limited under which all our installations, from Home Roof Top to our Megawatt Utility Scale, are carried out.

Our Goals & Vision

Our goal is to be Africa’s foremost Alternative Energy Solutions Provider. We aim to drive countries in Africa to utilize one of their most abundant and free natural resources –‘The Sun’ for the generation of electricity towards the Sustainable Development of their Economies and Prosperity of her People.

Our Commitment

At BrightStar we recognize the benefits of an improved infrastructure in helping the countries in Africa tap into their vast natural resources. The ability to tap into these will help support the economic growth of this region of the world as well as help people to live and work comfortably in the region.

Our Company focuses on building solar projects across Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

We aim to provide electricity, generated from the Solar Energy System to the National Grid, local government areas, industries, hospitals, universities, homes and other regions, including inter-lands and rural areas.

Our goal is to execute projects, both on large and small scale. These will include:

  • Utility Scale Megawatt Solar Farm tied to the National Grid;
  • Distribution Solar Energy Systems/Mini Grids;
  • Commercial systems;
  • Solar Street Lights for Cities, Towns and Villages;
  • Home rooftop stand-alone and embedded systems;
  • Building Integrated PV systems for New Builds and Petrol Station Chain
  • Solar Charging Ports for Rural Communities to use as Power Banks for their Mobiles Devices and for Cities to use as the Charging Ports for the upcoming Electric Cars revolution.

We are committed to these objectives at Bright Star Solar Global and our Installation Unit , BrightStar Solar Installation is set up to ensure this happens

We have set both short, medium and long term goals to achieve them.

Our Strength Lies in the Right Partnership

Bright Star Solar Global in addition to its in-house competent solar team, has strategically partnered with one of theGlobal leaders in clean energy Turn-Key solution specialist, who is also one of the leading manufacturers and systems builder of solar products in the world.

They are well positioned and are ready to work with us in the capacity we want to work in i.e all over sub-Saharan Africa starting from Nigeria.

We have also partnered with a Funding Group, a Venture Capital and Private Equity firm, who will establish a fund focused on the renewable energy sector to support our work and installations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We also work and partner with Host Communities, Governments and others in the course of carrying out our work.

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