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Our Main Package Types under the Distribution Solar Energy System Installation are:

  • Rural Areas/Inter-land
  • Developer Choice 1

Distributed Energy System is good for Communities and Local Government areas especially in the inter-land where access to the National Grid is nonexistence or those communities that are poorly served by the National Grid. This system is also good for built Housing Estates, many of which are presently springing up all around the country. Also In partnership with Guild Property Investors, the property subsidiary Arm of Zenith Guild Enterprises UK Limited (our sister company), we can build Solar Village for those with substantial amount of land property upon which a Solar Village (that can be solely powered by Solar Electricity) can be built. Also, individual wishing to buy their own property from our built-up Solar Village can also purchase this whenever these are ready for sale. All our Distributed Energy Systems are usually developed with Micro-Grids with robust monitoring and Pre-paid Meters for revenue collection. The size and the robustness of the system can be adjusted to the need of the benefiting community or people.


How It Works

-We develop solar energy grid integration systems that incorporates advanced integrated inverter/controllers/, storage, and energy management systems that can support communication protocols used by energy management and utility distribution level systems.

-Our aim will be to develop advanced integrated inverter/controller hardware that is more reliable with longer lifetimes, e.g., 15 years mean time before failure and a 50%cost reduction. Our regulation concepts are embedded in inverters, controllers, and dedicated voltage conditioner technologies that integrate with power system voltage regulation, providing fast voltage regulation to mitigate flicker and faster voltage fluctuations caused by local PV fluctuations.

-We will develop DC power distribution architectures as an into-the-future method to improve overall reliability (especially with micro-grids), power quality, local system cost, and very high-penetration PV distributed generation.

-Advanced communications and control concepts will be integrated with solar energy grid systems. These will be key to providing sophisticated micro-grid operation that maximizes efficiency, power quality, and reliability.

-Inverter-tied storage systems that will integrate with distributed PV generation to allow intentional islanding (microgrids) and system optimization functions (ancillary services) will be used to increase the economic competitiveness of distributed generation).


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Installation Types

This is a photovoltaic system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftops of homes or land/ structure in the community Housing Estate.

Distribution Energy Installation Packages - Types

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