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Commercial Energy Systems can be Roof or Ground  Installed. Capacity can ranged  from 85kWatt to 5MegaWatts. But clients can request for the capacity suitable for their business.   We build for both Micro and Mega Businesses.For Housing Estates  Developers  can also using our Installation Package

  • Developer-Choice 1 and 2 for both their Home Owner Clients and their Housing Estate Building.
  • Developer Choice  2 is based on BIPV Installation System. This  can be good for Home Setting s well as Commercial setting. While the Developer  Choice 1  which is built on the Distributed Energy System especially for the medium to the low income range of customers.  Capacity can range between  10kW to 500 kW.

Commercial Energy Systems

Provide electricity to both Mega and Mini Industrial and Commercial Set Ups like; Big Industries & Manufacturers, Micro Industries, Universities and Higher Institutions, Industrial Parks, Hospitals etc. There is a substantial pipeline for this.

Installation Packages -Types

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