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The Process – Home/Commercial Roof Top Installation

At BrightStar Solar, we carry out complete End to End Service from Preliminary Design through to Installation and After Care

  • Roof Top Installations
  • On-Site Analysis


Desktop survey

Our intention at BrightStar Solar is to give you the best, we know your time is precious you and we donot want to waste it especially if solar isn’t suitable for your property!

Once you have confirmed an interest, we will conduct a desktop survey to check the size, orientation and pitch of your roof, looking out for obvious issues that could affect the performance of a system. We will also discuss with your energy usage and bills and present need with you.

Typical steps to getting a bespoke design ready for you would be

  • Our Solar Experts will help you with your enquiry – we will need information such as site details and electricity usage data for 12 months: From these we shall:
  • Identify your premises on aerial mapping software
  • Create an indicative outline drawing fitting your brief
  • Calculate expected generation and consumption
  • Calculate costs working within your budget
  • When we are satisfied that a solar PV installation would be of benefit to your property, we will schedule an appointment for one of our Trained Energy Advisers to visit you to discuss details of your Installation with you and verify our findings/estimation of your Installation.


We will give you chance to make your own decision

We will then leave you to take the time to make an informed decision and if you have further questions, our energy advisers or customer service team or online advisers are just a click or a call away. When you are ready, just complete and return the paperwork and you will soon be placed into the capable hands of our customer service and installation teams.

Click here to see our Installation Packages ( ****Link to Installation Packages)


At BrightStar Solar Installation we deliver Sustainability without Compromise;

  • We use only Trusted Brands for our Installations
  • We put your projects need’s and budget at the forefront of product proposals.
  • Our Prices are very competitive, we offer the best value for money and get direct from production Source and cut off all middle-men
  • We aim to give you the best and most suitable Solar PV Solar System that will ensure ultimate performance for your project and service your need.
  • Our Technical Partners are one of the Global Leaders that have built bespoke Solar System all around the world.
  • We have direct manufacturer connection for our Solar Products Supply Chain.


At BrightStar Solar  Installation we have our own dedicated Solar PV installation Expert team that work across Nigeria and beyond
In Partnership with our world re-known Technical Partner working alongside  our competent In house team, we at Brightstar Solar take great pride in how professional our installation team is onsite, we have a huge amount of experience working in a variety of environments such as Commercial Set Up, Filling Station, hospitals, Universities and Higher Institution and five-star hotels. Industrial Parks, Homes and Building Integrated Solar PV for New Build

Our Strengths

  • Skilled, experienced and fully qualified installers with up-to-date Health & Safety training
  • Knowledge and understanding based on Global Installation around the world
  • Limited disruption, working at times to suit you to minimise disruption and downtime
  • Work to a rigorous behaviour bond which is shared with all customers prior to each installation
  • Building Controls Installation
  • Return on Investment Costing Table that clearly highlights your annual cost and energy savings and payback periods
  • Total energy consumption measured and highlighted against each of your existing energy sources at an additional cost
  • Calculation of your existing carbon footprint and energy cost per year for specific projects
  • Calculation of your revised annual carbon footprint and energy cost (based on a series of agreed assumptions) for specific projects
  • Calculation of your return on investment by each year to clearly demonstrate the financial benefits of choosing our energy solutions

Our Commissioning & Handing over Procedure includes

  • Verifying that the design meets the owner’s project requirements
  • Verifying that applicable equipment and systems are installed according to the contract documents, manufacturer’s recommendations, and industry accepted minimum standards
  • Verifying installing contractors perform adequate operations checkout
  • Verifying/documenting proper performance of equipment and systems
  • Verifying that the operations and maintenance documentation left on-site is complete
  • Verifying the owner’s operating personnel are adequately trained

Monitoring/Maintenance – On-going Support

BrightStar Solar Installation provide on-going support after we have delivered your Solar PV project in various ways:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Operation and Maintenance Contracts, e.g. Landscaping, Model Cleaning and Diagnostics
  • Replacement of faulty equipment and supply of spares
  • Dedicated response team.


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