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BrightStar Solar Installation Financing Option Schemes

A Brief Summary of Our Financial Option Schemes

In order to offer our customers more flexibility we have partnered with TBridge Venture Partner (our Fund Provider and our other participating Banks to offer a number of alternatives to help spread the cost of your system through manageable monthly payments. You could benefit from competitive interest rates and the freedom to clear the balance outstanding without penalty.

Under our Solar PV Energy System Installation program, we can offer our clients the right type of installation that will be adequate for their need.


Whether in a commercial/industry setting or as a Stand Alone or Embedded Home Installation, we treat each client as special and unique, working diligently with them to provide them with the best value for money for their Solar Energy System Installation.

In every case the real Energy need of the Client will determine the size and robustness of the Energy System we will provide.  We work with each client to ascertain the real energy requirement of his/her building or set up. In doing this we give great attention to details while costing and ascertaining the energy requirement of the client building while at the same time ensuring there is no energy wastage in the building.

In order to assist our clients and make their installation stress free, especially financially, we have put in place a number of Solar Installation Financial Option Schemes, which are designed to enable all who desire to have Solar PV Installation get on board without worrying so much about how they will get the required Initial Installation Fee. Moreover, we aim to give a stress -free Installation system which are adequate for the real need of our clients and of best value for money.

Below are the types of Solar Financing option schemes our Company, BrightStar Solar Global has set up to assist in a stress-free -Installations for all our clients.

These are divided into three main categories;

  1. Leasing Option schemes
  2. Loan -based Option Schemes and
  3. Full Buy Outright Schemes.


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